“Clinical and Non-Clinical Issues in Palliative Care: Suggestions for Addressing” ed. by Marco Cascella, Michael John Stones

This volume addresses such topics as palliative care in children, infants, and gynecologic oncology patients; the role of the caregiver; the use of drugs; and ethics, organization, and policy issues. The book should not be considered as an exhaustive treatise on palliative care, the many topics covered and the experience and competence of the authors involved make it a useful tool for those who are already experts in the field as well as those who are studying this field.

Data from the World Health Organization indicate that about 40 million people worldwide require palliative care each year. We must face this enormous problem with appropriate welfare policies and training of up-to-date and competent personnel. In this context, a book that collects the experiences of authors with diverse backgrounds, and operating in different settings of palliative care, can be added to the many editorial products on the subject.

1. Introductory Chapter: Delirium in Palliative Care
2. Palliative Care of the Infant and Child in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
3. Home Based Palliative Care
4. Palliative Care in Gynaecological Oncology
5. Introducer Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy in Palliative Care of Patients with Esophageal Cancer
6. Why Are We Missing the Teeth? Addressing Oral Care Neglect in the Palliative Patient
7. Caregiver Distress in Cancer
8. The Exceptional Role of Women as Primary Caregivers for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, West Africa
9. The Family as Recipient and Provider of Home Care: A Primary Care Perspective
10. Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting
11. Assessment and Management of Pain in Palliative Care
12. Effects of Antipsychotic Medication on Mortality in Long-Term Care Home Residents
13. Depression: A Challenge during Palliative Care
14. Multimodal Pain Management in the Setting of Palliative Care
15. Holistic/Palliative Management of Patient’s Health Care and Home Situation in a Depressed Economy
16. The Need for XR-Measurement of Decision-Making Decline and Conscious-State Transition Impairment before Nonvoluntary Euthanization of Dementia Patients
17. The Challenges Facing Palliative Care Advocacy: What Is in a Name?
18. Perspective Chapter: Who Is Making Decisions? An Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals in the Developing World

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   Patient Centered Medicine

   Clinical Palliative Care Studies

   Caregiving Home Care

   Cancer Caregiver Distress

   Chemotherapy Nausea Vomiting

   Dementia Patients Decision-Making

   Facing Palliative Care Advocacy

   Gynaecological Oncology Palliative Care

   Oncology Critical Care

   HIV AIDS Primary Caregivers

   Primary Care Medicine

   Primary Care Surgery

   Primary Health Care

   Healthcare Making Decisions

   Healthcare Access

   Health Care Operations Management

   Healthcare Teamwork

   Healthcare Management Teamwork

   Healthcare Value-Based

   Healthcare Facilities PerformanceDesign

   Home Based Palliative Care

   Infant Child Paediatric Intensive

   Mortality Long-Term Care Home Residents

   Pain Palliative Care Assessment Management

   Palliative Care Delirium

   Palliative Care Depression

   Palliative Care

    Palliative Care Pain Management

   Palliative Care Patients Endoscopic Gastrostomy

   Palliative Patient Oral Care

   Patients Health Care Palliative Management

   Primary Care Perspective

   Clinical Non-Clinical Palliative Care

   Medical Physiology TB

   Body Health Diseas psm

   Clinical Implementation Maintenance

   Clinical Oncology

   Clinical Populations Populations

   Clinical Trials Vulnerable

   Clinical Shock Management

   Clinical Practice Manual

   Clinical Management Adrenal Tumors

   Clinical Physical Therapy

   Clinical Examination Essentials

   Career Development Satisfaction

   Health Career