Cedar Walton Trio, Quartet & Quintet – Cedar! (1968) {1999 OJC} **[RE-UP]**

Cedar! is a 1968 album by Cedar Walton in three configurations: as part of a trio, as part of a quartet, and as part of a quintet, as recorded in 1967. This is taken from an Original Jazz Classics CD pressing released in 1990. Track #7 is a song previously unreleased at the time the 1990 CD came out.
(If you would like the lossless version of this album from the same pressing, please click here.)

1. Turquoise Twice 7:17
2. Twilight Waltz 4:17
3. My Ship 5:31
4. Short Stuff 6:23
5. Head And Shoulders 4:13
6. Come Sunday 6:56
7. Take The “A” Train 3:27 *
* Previously unreleased