C++ Plus Data Structures Ed 6

C++ Plus Data Structures, Sixth Edition explores the specifications, applications, and implementations of abstract data types with unmatched accessibility. Topics such as modularization, data encapsulation, information hiding, object-oriented decomposition, algorithm analysis, life-cycle software verification models, and data abstraction are carefully presented to foster solid software engineering techniques. NEW & KEY FEATURES OF THE SIXTH EDITION: • UPDATED – Updated with new C++11 features including range-based for loops and threads • NEW – Includes a new Chapter 10, Trees Plus, that emphasizes balancing of search trees by covering AVL Trees, Red-Black Trees, and B-Trees • NEW – Includes a new chapter on Sets, Maps, and Hashing • NEW – Chapter 12, Sorting, now includes practical performance issues and parallel merge sort • NEW – Chapters in the second half of the text are now easier to assign in alternate orders, supporting a wider range of course goals and organizations • NEW – Modern new design enhances the look and feel of the text • STUDENT FAVORITE – Pedagogical features include: chapter openers with goals, marginal definition boxes, algorithm boxes, C++ boxes, function boxes, case studies, chapter summary, and end of chapter exercises