C++: Advanced Features and Programming Techniques (Step-By-Step C++) (Volume 3)

★ Take Your Skills to the Next Level with 70+ Examples! ★This third instalment in the Step-By-Step C++ Series is geared towards seasoned developers and novices alike. This guide explores slightly more advanced C++ techniques, while being presented in our popular, easy to understand format. The topics in this book will prove invaluable to anyone currently using C++, no matter you skill level. With numerous examples and step by step descriptions, you will be able to master this wonderful language in no time.

What This Book Offers78 Practical Examples
With each concept, we provide one or more example to illustrate the topic in a way that makes it easy to understand. We break examples down into their basic workings, and provide the output for you to compare to your own results.

Detailed Descriptions
Each topic is broken down into small manageable sections where each concept is explained in detail. We look at the different variations and types available, what the various return values mean and even how to avoid common errors.

Reference Manual
This book serves as a teaching guide and also a reference manual to accompany you through this wonderful world of programming. We aim to keep the core of the examples similar, so the only variable is the topic under discussion. This makes for easier learning and effortless referencing.

Key Topics

  • Inheritance
  • Overloading
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract Classes
  • Encapsulation
  • Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
  • Namespaces
  • Templates
  • Threads
  • Containers
  • Algorithms
  • Regular Expressions

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