Bushcraft: A Guide to Surviving in Dangerous Situations, Essential Tools, and Skills for Emergencies [Audiobook]

The best outdoor survival tips everyone should know to find shelter in the woods without professional gear and prior knowledge. What does it take to survive in the wilderness if you run into an emergency or if you have an accident? Should you eat raw meat, Bear Grylls-style? Should you follow flying birds to get to water? Or, maybe, build a fire inside a cave to keep you warm? These are just three of the wilderness survival myths that can easily get you killed. To survive, you need practical bushcraft skills passed from one generation onto the next. You need to know how to protect yourself from the elements, how to keep predators away, where to seek food and water.

You need to be nature-savvy, identifying the plants that can feed you and the ones that can hurt you. You need to know how to get around, how to build a shelter and conserve your resources. Surprisingly, young people lack all the essential skills required to survive in the wild. Our urbanized, detached lifestyles have made us forget basics like tying knots, starting a fire, and distilling water to keep us safe. You never know when the need to get into survival mode is going to kick in. Even a peaceful walk in nature can be transformed into a something a lot grimmer when you’re at the wrong place in the wrong time. Anyone can benefit from the basic bushcraft skills and experiences to survive a disaster or an emergency.