Brian Marsella – Gatos Do Sul (2020)

Brian Marsella is finally being recognized as one of the most talented and imaginative pianists of his generation. A veteran of countless bands including Banquet of the Spirits and many projects with John Zorn, his recent recordings have been some of the most exciting music coming out of the NYC jazz scene. Here he leads an octet to perform his scintillating compositions inspired by classical, jazz, and folkloric Brazilian music. Influenced by composers from Ernesto Nazareth, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Pixinguinha to Baden Powell and Egberto Gismonti, Marsella combines samba, bossa-nova, choro and more. The band is an all-star unit and the arrangements are red hot, filled with catchy dance grooves and plenty of soloistic fireworks. This is Marsella at his best. Essential!

1. Marakashtu (10:57)
2. Lamento (06:27)
3. Fire The Pandeiro Player (06:10)
4. O Balanço Das Corredeiras (09:30)
5. Meu Doce De Abóbora (06:44)
6. O Touro Choro (06:52)
7. Gratidão (08:32)




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