Barbeque and Grilling Cookbook: Everything Tastes Better Grilled

First, man invented fire, and it was a huge step for mankind. Then, came indoor cooking, a tremendous achievement. Finally, came the BBQ grill, which takes us out of the kitchen back to the way meat was meant to be enjoyed – cooked outdoors. Barbequing is faster and tastier than any meal you might prepare in an oven. This Barbeque and Grilling Cookbook is all about cooking by an open fire. It’s how food should taste, but rarely does.

For flavor that you never thought possible, forget about the stove. Go outdoors and thrill family and friends with an old-fashioned barbeque. The recipes in this Barbeque and Grilling Cookbook will have them demand seconds and thirds. Grilling improves the flavor of almost everything.

In addition, barbequing is all about sharing. Few people barbeque or grill just for themselves. When you fire up the grill, it’s time to get together with neighbors, family, and good friends. It’s a group meal. The moment that grill lights up, people just begin to congregate. It brings us back to a time when sharing food was actually the norm.