ASP .NET Webforms and ADO. NET: From Beginner to Mastery

This is a hands on course on ASP .NET webforms. You will also get exposed to ADO. NET,MSSQL,Class Library e.t.c

What you’ll learn:
ASP. NET Webforms mastery through a project
Learn How to design database using MSSQL and how to use SQL statements
Learn ADO. NET
Create C# Library and use it to ASP. NET Webforms or other ASP. NET Project

No requirement, every detail will be explained.

At the end of this course you will be ready to work on any project of ASP .Net Web Forms. You will also get other skills which will be very useful to your career moving forward. These includes but not limited to designing and working with SQL Databases,C# Class Libraries, Materializecss and many more.

There are many benefits of having the skills that will be offered in this course. Firstly, knowing how to use ASP .Net webforms will help you to be able to work with legacy business applications. ASP .Net webforms uses event driven programming making so you will not to rely on POST or GET methods for handling user application. Secondly, learning to use SQL databases is very essential for every software developer. Most businesses use SQL databases data for their systems, furthermore knowledge of SQL is required if you want to work in the Data Science field.

At the last section of this course we are going to look at Class libraries.Whether in a single project or different projects you can easily getting to a situation when one function is needed for many pages. In that case you may opt to copy a paste that function, but there is a better way to do that. You can create a C# Class Library. You can use that class library in different projects, further more you can use it in creating NuGet packages.

Who this course is for
Beginner to advanced developer who want to learn C# or ASP .NET webforms