Asking the Ultimate Questions with the Great Thinkers of Our Time [Audiobook]

To what extent can we know anything about the universe’s great mysteries – how it was created, whether it is finite, and what our role is within it, to name a few? The truth eludes us in such matters, but if anyone could find it, it would be the great thinkers featured in this compelling audio series. Can a computer become conscious? Are religion and science mutually exclusive? What is ultimate reality? Join Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, creator and host of the hit PBS series Closer to Truth, as he examines these and other perplexing mysteries of the universe with 13 luminaries in a range of disciplines.

Among Kuhn’s interviewees are Templeton Prize-winning physicist and cosmologist George Ellis, coauthor with Stephen Hawking of The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time; renowned physician, author, and alternative medicine practitioner Deepak Chopra; and Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek, a theoretical physicist and mathematician known for his research in particle physics, astrophysics, and condensed matter physics. Kuhn excels at demystifying complex concepts through thoughtful and precise dialogue. As you listen to his conversations with other great minds, you’ll reconsider your own views on the universe’s ultimate questions.