Animating in Unity – Udemy

Learn how to use Cinemachine, Animation Rigging, Unity Timeline and the Animator window to create animations in Unity

What you’ll learn
Master animation techniques using Unity timeline
Take control of cameras using Cinemachine
Become confident with Animation rigging
Animate using Inverse Kinematics
Use animation constraints and targets
Learn how to create your own blendshapes
Create complete projects in standard, URP and HDRP templates
Create scenes from blank canvas through to industry standard quality

You will learn a wide variety of animation techniques and concepts in this course by completing four projects.

Project 1 – Monolith (Standard 3D Template)

We will be creating the surface of the moon, the earth and importing a spacestation to create a space fly through animated cut scene. We will be using several cameras and animating between them using Unity timeline. We will look at pacing and timing to get the imagery to match the pacing of background music.

Project 2 – Speed Tournament (Universal Render Pipeline (URP) Template)

We will be creating a photorealistic environment and importing a race track and race car to create a dynamic animated cut scene for a racing style game. The shots will be more dynamic and exciting and we will be creating these by using Cinemachine. We will be using virtual cameras and dolly cameras with tracks. We will be incorporating physics elements alongside keyframed animation. We will look at techniques for creating impressive slow motion effects. We will be blending between different post processing effects to create depth of field shots, lens flares and more, to give the animation a AAA quality feel to it.

Project 3 – Shootout (High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) Template)

We will setup a low poly desert scene with a cowboy shootout involving three cowboy characters. We will use the Animation rigging package to setup multiple constraints to control the cowboy characters using Inverse Kinematics (IK). We will incorporate Two bone IK, Position constraints, rotation constraints, look at, parent constraints and finger IK to create a fluid animation rig for each character to make it easy to make complex character animations. We will continue to use Cinemachine to create the shots that will tell a short story.

Project 4 – Blendshapes (Standard 3D Template)

Using a pre made character, we will create our own blend shapes for the face and clothes in Blender. We will then import the character and animations into Unity and assign the correct avatar. We will animate the character’s facial expressions and this time we will use the animator window to create a non linear structure of animations that are controlled by Parameters that are controlled by C# script. This will make the final animation more interactive.

You can complete the projects in any order you like to develop different skills.

By the end of this course you will have developed a wide range of skills and techniques that will improve your own animated cut scenes and animated movies using the Unity real time game engine.

Why not enrol today and I’ll look forward to seeing you in my course.


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Who this course is for:
Anyone wanting to learn more about real time animation using Unity
Anyone wanting to learn Cinemachine
Anyone wanting to learn how to use the Animation Rigging package

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