Altair HW Mechanical Solvers 2021.1.1 Update Only

The Altair Engineering development team is pleased to announce the availability of hotfix for HyperWorks Solvers 2021.1. Hot fixes address software issues uncovered by customer applications.

Altair Mechanical Solvers 2021.1.1 release notes – Date: 6/01/2021

– Hotfix version of Radioss 2021.1
Resolved Issues
– /H3D: Radioss engine 2021.1 was failing (hanging) on RHEL 8.2 and SLES 15 SP1 Linux machine when H3D native output was requested.
. New error message is displayed if the input volume fraction is lower than 0 or greater than 1.
. The volume fraction is normalized if computed volume fractions for a given cell is lower or greater than 1.
– /MADYMO/MPP: Correction of engine behavior during the coupling computation. Radioss engine.2021.1 was failing on specific models.
– /MAT/LAW36: Correction of material behavior in cases where failure parameter is set to value greater than the current maximum value.
. Add missing Intel Runtime libraries for Meshgems in the Win64 HWSolvers package. (Can be seen only if HWSolvers package is installed without HWDesktop package.)
. Correction of error during the reading of defined group of bricks. Radioss starter 2021 was failing for some specific cases.
– /PROP/INJECT1: Correction of reading issue when there are several gases in the property.
– /PROP/SOLID: Correction of numerical issue with linear tetrahedron element (/TETRA4) with Itetra4=1 (defined in /DEF_SOLID) linked to rigid body (/RBODY). Energy was printed as “NaN” in some specific cases.
– /SET: Correction of the set usage in the composite ply (/PLY). Some elements were missing for specific configurations.
– /SPHCEL: Correction of the Radioss engine behavior when there are no SPH elements in an MPI domain.
– /STATE: The state file (.sta) was not created with the node coordinates and the element connectivity if there was no specific output requested in the engine file.
– Some Radioss starter temporary files for Error & Warning messages were very big when there was a lot of messages to print.

HyperWorks solver technology includes finite-element-based linear and non-linear structural analysis, design and optimization capabilities (OptiStruct), finite-element-based highly nonlinear structural analysis under dynamic loading (RADIOSS), electromagnetic field simulation (FEKO, WinProp and Flux), multi-body simulation (MotionSolve), as well as composite analysis and design (ESAComp). Combined with design optimization technology and multi-physics capabilities, HyperWorks enables users to drive the product-development process and make reliable decisions based on high-quality results.

Altair Hyperworks 2021 Geometry Repair

Before we make an analysis on any model we create; we always need a solid model. Often when we import models, we will find surfaces left unpatched, open, or conflicting with other surface geometry and will not allow us to make an accurate study, if at all. Even in cases where we need to edit the geometry of our model to run a more accurate analysis, Hyperworks will allow us to repair our FEA models with topologic precision. With just a few clicks, our models can be repaired to become solid models, ready to be mid-surfaced with ease.
Altair is a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics. Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.

Product: Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers
Version: 2021.1.1 Update Only
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: PC *
Software Prerequisites: Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2021.1
Size: 343.6 mb