Advanced Excel Solutions: A user’s cookbook

For a user … By a user
This book is a collection of general techniques that can be easily combined to create a wide variety of spreadsheet based solutions.

Written for a typical analyst/manager business owner (who spends a lot of time combining & processing inputs from different sources and then sends different outputs to different stakeholder), instead of diving deep into minute details, the book focuses on techniques that:

– can be used frequently
– have practical utility
– are easy to learn
– are flexible enough to be combined with at least one other technique.

Techniques to work on data in an Excel workbook & also integrate Excel with MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes & databases.Main focus is on automation with VBA code but, formula based methods are also described.

The book is divided as follows:

Part I–Data in a workbook
Starts off with basic keystrokes & VBA code needed for moving around on a worksheet & performing some basic operations.

Explores the Range object-fundamental object for writing macros. Various methods are shown that provide a reference to a specific range on a worksheet.

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