Advanced English Vocabulary Builder for Education and Test Prep

English can come easy!

The ultimate challenge in any language is to learn new vocabulary elements – both words and phrases – and to then apply the new knowledge thus acquired in real world scenarios. This book simulates that experience in a unique manner; theory meets application in the ultimate English language teaching tool.

The correlation between a high level of proficiency in English and success in any career path in the modern world is very high. This book will improve your career options by helping you learn a large number of complex new words in English, and will also help you retain the meanings of and usage recommendations for those words.

This book has three main sections:

Section 1: In the first section, you will learn hundreds of new, useful words – along with important indicators of the part of speech to which they belong, and a definition in simple English that will help the word stick in your mind. At the end of this section, you will definitely have added at least 100 words to your mental bank of English words to use in a professional context.

Section 2: In the second section, you will exercise both the portion of your brain that processes information and conducts analysis of words, and the portion of your brain responsible for word memory. Once you solve the thousands of word puzzles in this section, you would have applied everything that you already know about English, and everything that you learnt in the first section, to give yourself great confidence in your mental agility and in your ability to solve anything that the GRE, the GMAT, the SAT, or any writing requirement at your place of work might throw at you.

Section 3: This section is simultaneously a confidence booster and a preview of the upcoming books in this series. In the third section, you will be shown a large number of words. 90% of these are intermediate level common English words, and you will not even have to stop to think to guess their meanings. The remaining words will appear in subsequent volumes in this series, and you will be able to give yourself a preview of what is to come, and try to guess their meanings, even if some of them might be unfamiliar.

Once you are done with the book (you can spend either a week of concentrated study or a few months to soak it all in), you will be in a great position to tackle all the difficult English words that life sends your way.

Have fun!