Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Jazz Is Dead 008: Brian Jackson (2021)

Brian Jackson JID008 is the first full album released by the great man in 20 years and it’s a testament to his multifaceted talents that while there are moments throughout that hint at his game-changing history and track record, for the most part it reveals a musician whose considerable lessons learned from the past only serve to keep his eyes firmly fixed on the future. It’s a masterclass in unbridled and open-minded creativity, no different from what Brian did half a century ago. The ease and comfort with which his ideas integrate with those of musicians a generation younger than him bears this out. To listen to this album is to hear a hot up-and-coming musician who also happens to be a major jazz-funk legend.

1. Under The Bridge (04:04)
2. Mars Walk (04:04)
3. Young Muhammad (03:54)
4. Nancy Wilson (02:41)
5. Baba Ibeji (04:15)
6. Duality (04:19)
7. Bain de Minuit (05:47)
8. Ethiopian Sunshower (03:08)




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