Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Acupuncture Muscle Batteries
You are going to find the next few pages confusing. Please don’t stop reading. I am including these pages so you will understand what the current teachings about acupuncture are. It is against this background that I will propose a new theory of acupuncture that I think you will find much easier to understand and useful in clinical practice and in each individual’s understanding of health and disease.
What is acupuncture? This question is hundreds of years old. Few can agree on the answer. Elizabeth Reninger, Taoism expert, says,
Acupuncture—one of the principle therapies used in Chinese Medicine —involves the insertion of hair-thin needles (at an average depth of ј to Ѕ
inch) into specific points along energy-channels called “meridians.” The insertion of the acupuncture needles at these specific points supports a balanced flow of qi (life-force energy) through the meridians. When the qi is flowing in this balanced way, the body/mind is able to regain, maintain and improve its health and vitality. According to Chinese Medicine, it is a blockage or imbalance in the flow of qi that is the root cause of disease. When the qi associated with a particular organ system is in a condition of excess, deficiency or stagnation, negative emotional states such as fear, anxiety, anger, sadness or worry tend to manifest. If left unresolved, this imbalanced emotional energy will begin to produce physical symptoms. Similarly, if one of the five shen (spirits) of the organs is disturbed, the energetic imbalance produced by this disturbance will also, in time, manifest as physical disease